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Spokane PhotoBooth is the entertainment brand of Jacobs Photography, a husband and wife photography team based in Spokane Valley, WA. The idea was birthed when the dynamic duo decided that they wanted to be invited to more parties. And what better way than to bring the whole event up a notch by doing what we do best, having a grand ole time! 


Bob Jacobs

Dynamic duo pt 1, DJ, technical & music enthusiast 

Meet Bob: the true mastermind behind Spokane PhotoBooth.
An Audio/Visual Systems Engineer by day and a photographer and DJ by night, he built the machine from the ground up.


Makiyah Hyde

Photobooth + DJ Assistant, basically just here for the party and the manual labor!

Meet Makiyah: Our sweet assistant. She helps events run smoothly and makes sure we don't misplace really important stuff like cameras and lights.


Erica Jacobs

Dynamic duo pt 2, Photographer, the artistic one 

Meet Erica: Bob's wife and partner in... making your event awesome. She likes running some of the things behind the scenes and event photography!


AJ Santos

Photography Assistant, basically just here for the party and the manual labor!

Meet AJ: Our other sweet assistant. She makes sure our camera batteries are fully charged and we are ready to capture memories!

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Our Mission:

To Make your Event AWESOME!

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