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The Party...

Spokane PhotoBooth is the entertainment brand of Red Cedar Studios based out of Spokane Valley, WA. What started as a husband and wife photography team has grown to be a company that throws great parties with even better staff!


Bob Jacobs

DJ Big Bob-Owner, DJ, Music Lover

Meet Bob: The true mastermind behind Spokane PhotoBooth.
An AV Design Engineer by day, photographer and DJ by night! 



MC + Photobooth Lead, Client Communications

Meet Makiyah: Our sweet assistant. MC, Photobooth Lead, Cupid Shuffle Instructer, Light Puter-Outer, and overall party lover!

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DJ Armen- DJ, Tech Lover, High Class Professional Entertainer

Meet Noah: A professional Audio Engineer and DJ. The peanut butter to Bob's jelly!


Erica Jacobs

Owner, Photographer, the artistic one 

Meet Erica: Bob's wife and partner in making your event awesome. She likes running some of the things behind the scenes and event photography!



Photography + Creative Assistant

Meet Hannah: Our other sweet assistant. She makes sure our camera batteries are fully charged and we are ready to capture memories. She also keeps our social media feed rolling!



DJ Sean- DJ, Party Lover

Meet Sean: DJ and master of mixing beats at any event he goes to! 


Our Mission:

To Make your Event AWESOME!

The Party's On
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